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I'm debating going back to Alle-Dinge-Rammstein and working from the ground up. Yay or nay?
Does anyone still read my stuff?
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Chapter 10: Nymphetamin

After my stay in the hospital wing, getting my blood transfusion while Ellen was there for support, and getting cleared by Penn, Kris decided to get me into training, particularly fighting in hand to hand combat. In another twist of irony and perhaps karma, he set me up to spar with Ellen. “Relax, Richard, she’s the best fighter in the coven. She’ll go easy on you.” Yeah, right… I thought. She’ll play with me like a cat with a mouse. “Don’t underestimate yourself, if Ellen did that, she wouldn’t have gotten to where she is.” I sighed a bit after Kris pulled another mindfuck, before I started picking out a tank top to practice in. “Can I at least get a cigarette before I do anything? I don’t want to be stressed out; I might end up hurting her.” Kris snorted and laughed. “Don’t be silly! She can handle you! We put every newborn through the process of fighting her before they get up to her standards.” I shook my head, knowing full well she was going to kick my ass anyway, just because of what I did to her. “Training starts soon, you better get ready.” I grumbled as I started to get changed into a pair of athletic pants and protective underwear as well. “Do I get to choose a weapon?” Kris cocked an eyebrow and grinned. “Enthusiastic aren’t you? Well, suffice to say, you got to be good at hand-to-hand first.” I snorted in contempt of him treating me like a beginner when he had no idea I used to be a wrestler. “I’ll escort you to the forest, good luck.” ‘Good luck’ is right, I’ll need it.

Kris then took me over to a small clearing in the forest, which was big enough for two people to practice sparring. All the while I couldn’t help but feel I was being watched. “Alright then, now go ahead and practice sparring.” I swallowed hard as Kris left me in the middle. Once I looked up in the treetops, I saw a pair of glowing red eyes show up. A black blur soon tumbled down to the ground, cracking it with the sheer force of the landing. I looked at a feminine hand with dusty knuckles, wrapped in white bandages before focusing on the person crouching at my feet. I could sense pure rage oozing out her pores before she looked up at me, eyes burning like fire. I knew instantly that was Ellen. “Richard…” she growled demonically. I gulped softly. She stood and cracked her neck before spitting to the other side of the glen. “So, you ready to spar, fucker?” Normally, being the smart mouth that I was, I would’ve come up with some badass retort. This is different, though. This is the woman that rescued me, but I hurt her without even knowing it. “Think fast, bitch!” She landed a gut punch worthy of a man right into me while going at high speed. I started coughing hard, not expecting it before getting into a defensive stance. “Alright then… come on!” She grinned before she started slashing at me with her claws, the wounds healing instantly while I could barely dodge them. “Hey! No fair! I’m still a newborn…” She stopped for a minute and smirked, snorting before bursting into roaring laughter. “This is me going easy on you. You may be a newborn vampire right now, but you already have the healing qualities that I do. Small nicks and scratches like the ones I dealt you go away like that.” She then snapped her claws to show the instantaneousness of it. “Bigger and deeper gashes take longer and often require another vampire’s blood to heal.” I felt where she scratched me and I realized that it was porcelain skin already. “Anything else I should know?”  Ellen grinned sinisterly. “Just be glad I wasn’t in heat when I was rescuing you, otherwise, my revenge wouldn’t have come to this.”

I staggered back when ‘revenge’ came from her lips; Ellen seemed so demure, so sweet… who knew she could build up anger for a fight? Before I could ponder on that question, she tackled me and flipped me over, slamming me on my back. Had I remained human, my spine would’ve broken by now. Coughing again, I eased up only a little before she put her boot on my chest, asserting her dominance and victory. “Weak…” she sneered as she spat in my face. “That’s the downfall of human rules… when it comes to hitting a girl, it’s a taboo, but in the vampire world, a female’s just as strong as a male, if not stronger.” Ellen grinned as she pulled out something from her backpack… a bundle of rope. “On your knees, you worm!” She bellowed as she dragged me back up from the ground. I struggled to get on my knees, looking at her in disbelief as she removed the tank top. “What about saying that you’d forgive me…?” She cackled loudly as I knelt before her like a war prize. “Oh yeah… about that… I lied.” I felt her grab my wrists roughly before starting to tie them behind my back with the rope, it wasn’t rough, which surprised me considering the circumstances, but it was secure enough to ensure I wouldn’t get loose. She stuck a pinky into the binds to be sure that I wouldn’t have circulation issues. “I only did that so Kris would shut up. But now that I’m thinking about it, I won’t kill you… but I will have some fun with you, pretty boy!”  I was stunned by what she did, first she lied to me, then she beat me in sparring, and now… this. “Oh, don’t be so down because you lost your dignity, sweetie.” She giggled as she loosely tied my feet in a sort of fetter-type hobble. “Everyone’s out on a hunting trip, even your friends and family. No one’s in the mansion except for us, and they won’t know what’s going on.” I groaned as she got me up to my feet, still sore from the suplex she gave me. “Hmmm… your chest looks kind of bare right now… not that I mind, no, but… I’m feeling creative.” Her eyes had a devilish spark to them as she tied the extra rope she had in her rucksack around my chest, creating a sort of pentagram with it. “Oh yes, that’s much better… now to take care of those elbows…”

By that time, the physical pain and shock of disillusionment started to subside, I realized that I couldn’t move, save for my legs… and even then the steps were limited. I struggled hard to get out while Ellen licked her lips and her fangs as she observed my reactions, still holding onto my arms so I wouldn’t bolt away. “Mmm… you look delicious right now, ‘love’” she laughed as she watched me. “I could eat you up if I wanted to…” I gulped and whimpered, now knowing how she felt… exposed, vulnerable, and fearful of her captor. This time, however, I was the captive. Multiple thoughts ran through my mind, specifically, what happened to the girl who saved me. It was as if she died that day I brought Ellen back from her hibernation. “I saved your life, though! I fucking cared about you!” She then pulled out something else before wrapping her arms around me. “Y’know, for a captive, you talk too much… I can fix that!” I growled and bucked wildly, determined to show her I wouldn’t surrender. “Oh so now you’re fighting… took you a while didn’t it?” She then pulled my head back and grasped what little hair I had on the back of my head before giving it a yank that caused my jaw to lose its tightness. My scream of pain was then quickly turned into a soft moan. The gag she pulled out taking care of any pleas, protests, and possibly a string of curses that I would’ve let out at her. “Now, that’s an improvement!” The little she-devil grinned before starting to drag me into the mansion.

At this point, I’m actually glad that there was no one in the area; I would hate to have my friends and family seeing me like this. After we walked all the way to her bedroom, Ellen pushed me to the closet. “Look on the bright side; at least I made the effort to make your captivity comfortable.” After she opened the door, I saw cushions piled up and dispersed so someone could lay down on it. In a sick and twisted sort of way, I guess she does care to some degree. “I’ll change your outfit tonight so you can at least have something to sleep in.” I snorted and grumbled into my gag, hating the fact that I was being patronized. “For now, it’s naptime.” Ellen laughed and shoved me down on the pile of cushions. I tried to yell at her to let me go, but it came out as a whine. “Nighty night…” she giggled and kissed my cheek before leaving me alone in that unusually wide closet with my thoughts.
Chapter 9: Breite deine Flüge aus

Richard’s POV:

When I woke up, Ellen was nowhere to be found. Instead, my daughter was sitting on the chair next to me. “Khira? Where’s Ellen?” Khira pointed to a coffin on the other side of the room. I gasped and ran over to it before trying to open the lid. It took a decent amount of effort, but I managed to creak it open. There she was, lying there peacefully, I guess she decided to get away from me, but at this point, I don’t blame her at all. I gently closed the lid and sighed. “Will she come out anytime soon?” Khira sighed and shook her head. “I doubt it. She’s been known to stay in there for days if she’s really traumatized.” I sighed sadly, really regretting what I did. “Daddy… just don’t bother her right now…” I ran my hand over the coffin lid and sighed. “Is it okay if I sleep next to her, then…?” Khira looked over at Ellen’s coffin, then at me. “I suppose sleeping on the coffin lid won’t be an issue.” I nodded and sighed, waving my hand to signal for her to leave. Khira nodded and left the room.

For the next three months, I stayed by Ellen’s side. I didn’t open the coffin, but I did talk to her in attempt to encourage her to come out. Sometimes, I called my bandmates and my kids over to try and coax her out, but it just wasn’t working, so I just turned to sleeping on top of the coffin just to be next to her. By now, I’ve gotten used to it, but I’m still hurting. If only I could see her face one more time…

One morning, I finally decided to get Ellen out myself and opened the coffin lid. To my horror, there she was, but she looked nothing like herself. She was skeletal, as if the flesh is withering away from her and it’s trying to cling onto whatever structure it can. I had to save her! I gingerly picked her frail body up and sliced open my neck with my fingernail, propping her up on my shoulder to encourage her to drink. She stirred weakly and tried to push me away, but I kept a firm grip on her. “Leave…me…” a weak whisper fluttered from her parched lips. “I’m not going to let you die, Ellen…” I gently pushed her head towards my neck so her lips met the wound on my neck. She refused to drink at first, but eventually, her hunger took over as she started lapping the blood up. Her flesh slowly started to rejuvenate as I got more and more lightheaded. Once she was strong enough to hold me in her arms, she stopped and licked the wound a little more to clean and heal it. I looked up at her and smiled dozily before blacking out.

The next thing I knew, I woke up in what looked like a hospital bed. Ellen looked like she was asleep on the couch next to it and Kris was next to her. “Boy, for someone who supposedly has more knowledge of what was the human world, you sure are stupid sometimes.” Is he referring to me or her? “Both of you.” He snorted. “Will you quit reading my mind?” I snapped. “Sorry, I guess I forgot the fact that humans are probably more sentimental than we are. You’ll get used to feeding, though, I promise you. Necros aren’t exactly human anymore, anyways.” I sighed and looked up at the ceiling for a bit before looking at Ellen. “How is she doing?” Kris looked at her and smirked. “Well… as much as I hate to admit the fact that it was of your doing… she’s fine.” I looked at her and sighed, wondering if she’d ever forgive me. “She will… I talked it over with her.” Kris nodded as she slowly stirred from her slumber.

Ellen looked at me with eyes that didn’t know whether to be angry at me for not letting her die or to be grateful that I saved her life. I bowed my head down in shame, not wanting to look her in the eye because of what I did earlier, but she walked over and lifted my head with her hand. “Richard… while what you did to me was unforgivable in the human world… because you saved my life… I’m willing to forgive you and forget what happened, start afresh, if you will.” Tears started welling up as I heard the words that I was hoping to hear for a long time. “I have chosen you as my king… and I will not back down on my choice. Kris’ people need me as much as they need you, and I need you as much as you need me. As much as I hate to admit this…” she sniffled as a tear leaked from her eye. “I love you.” I let them flow as I opened my arms for her, palms up, to show I won’t hurt her. She warily went into the hospital bed and hugged me back, sobbing softly into my shoulder.

“I promise I’ll try to heal all the wounds I caused… I promise to make you feel better… to heal better… I promise to give you the whole world…” I whispered as she sniffled, my wings sprouting out again to wrap around her. “I will give you everything you want… everything you need… I just want you to be happy…” She looked up at me and smiled for the first time in months. “I’m glad you’re taking responsibilities for all this, Richard…but… I’m just not ready yet…” I nodded in understanding as I held her. “I won’t rush you.” She sighed in half-relief as she snuggled into my chest; meanwhile, I felt a rumble coming from it as my heart started beating again. It was a very soothing sound, not just to me, but apparently to her as well. She just looked…peaceful. I felt that same rumble come from her chest too… except it sounded like a cat’s purr mixed with a dove’s coo. Strange… it feels right, though… My eyes started to well up again as she lay there purring. I wanted to kiss her forehead and tell her I’m here for her, but I knew I was the monster that haunted her.

“Do you really love me…?” Ellen’s voice whispered. I snapped out of my thoughts and looked down at her, her eyes suddenly turned to soft lavender instead of the stark blue they were before. I blushed and nodded. “Küss mich…” she whispered again. I blushed more as I started to get flustered until she pulled her lips towards mine. I cried out in shock at first, but then I silently returned her kiss. I didn’t even respond asking for it to be deeper, I just tenderly kissed her to show her I care. We then parted our lips and stared into each other’s eyes. I couldn’t believe that she got that forceful after what I did to her… “It’s funny how music can change one’s life… I… I always loved you… even before all this happened… I never thought that we could exist together… then the virus came…” She smiled mournfully. “I lost my parents… but I gained a new family… and now… you…” Her lavender eyes welled up as she looked at me. “I never knew you had a crush on me beforehand… I’m sorry I hurt you…” I sniffled as I held her close. “Well, you saved my life again, the least I can do is respect you.” She nodded before laying her head on my chest, listening to my purrs.

Kris sighs and smirks. “Finally you’re getting it. I’m glad to see you’re bonding after three months.” Ellen then looked up at me and smiled. “When do you want to start our first hunt?” I cocked an eyebrow in confusion, being completely caught off guard. “Tomorrow, I guess…” She then nodded and snuggled close. “Tomorrow it is, then.”


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Does anyone still read my stuff?
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